Golf like a Pro

Ayla Golf Course boasts a brand new 18 holes for golfing pleasure.

Surrounded by the spectacular scene of the majestic mountains of Aqaba bay, the Golf Course’s organic architecture, tastefully man-made waterfronts, and modern serene clubhouse serve as an ideal setting for a spot of golf.

The Ayla golf experience is like no other. Regardless of how you play, one thing is for sure, you have never been pampered on a golf course like this.

Offering a friendly, relaxed, and intimate vibe, you will love the challenge and comfort of world class holes and fields.

Banana Boat ride

Take a fun and bumpy ride around the bay while you try not to fall in! Banana boat rides are awesome for a hot summer day. You can rent a banana boat and enjoy the exhilarating speed, with the wind in your hair and the warm waters of the Red Sea whizzing by underneath you.

Banana boat rides are a safe and great fun water sport for your family, children and friends.

Double Inner Tube

This summer, share some fun with your loved ones- if you dare!  The donuts are not for the lighthearted. This bumpy double ride dares you to hang on while each wave tries to knock you off!

Fly Board

The future is here! Enjoy an amazing water flying experience that allows you to stand over the water and perform some awesome tricks with this hydro flight device! This unique device allows you to climb out of the water and remain stable in mid-air as you balance yourself upon virtually nothing!

Aqaba Watersports Fly board is the newest extreme sport. Try out this new concept of adventure and make sure you capture this cool sport in a photo!

Jet Skiing

Get on top of your game on a jet ski as you take off around the bay of Aqaba. A Jet Ski trip is pure adrenaline while basking in the sunshine. This activity is well suited for speed junkies as the wind and wave factors make for some dramatic effects.


With access to relatively gentle waters all year round, kayaking is a burgeoning sport that’s captured the imagination of Aqaba’s fun-seekers. Kayaking in Aqaba can get you into shape in a fun and friendly way.

Spend a relaxing day paddling around the Red Sea while taking in the spectacular views. Take a relaxing morning session or enjoy the magnificent sunset from the sea on the afternoon tour.

If you have never tried this sport before then you can be accompanied by a special instructor to guide you and make sure you can enjoy the views safely.

Kite Surfing

Enough watching from a safe distance! It’s time to try kite surfing, get up and indulge in a sport where you use a kite and a board to move across the water. Kite surfing harnesses the power of the wind through a large parachute type kite to propel a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard.


Parasailing over the sea in Aqaba is a recreational choice that offers you adventure, thrill, and fun from a unique vantage point.

Parasailing consists of being towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute. You lift up into the air slowly as the boat drives off. What better angle to take it all in from?  The cool sea breeze allows you to fly skywards safely over the waters.


Do you have a group of friends or family and want to spend a quiet and comfortable day out at sea?  Rent a yacht and take a private tour and discover the dreamlike side of Aqaba.


There is plenty to enjoy without diving gear just by snorkeling in the red sea.

You don’t necessarily have to strap on gas tanks to see spectacular sights beneath the surface. All you need are a mask, flippers and a snorkel. This lack of cumbersome equipment can be liberating. It encourages a long, languorous approach to underwater exploration, stretching it out over a day rather than compressing it into a limited hour or so.

Discover the mesmerizing waters of Aqaba. Strap on your snorkel, grab your guide, and jump in. There is so much magic just underneath the surface!


The Wake Park in Aqaba is the first of its kind for recreational tourism and water adventure.  This brand new edgy water sport can be tried out safely at Ayla beach.

You can try balancing on a board while being attached to a zip line that takes you through the designated course.

Wakeboarding is a cool option for those blessed with good balance and a sportive spirit. It takes a calm and collected person to be pulled across the surface of the water by a boat using the waves generated by the vehicle to jump and perform stunts.
If you or members of your family are looking to experience this thrilling pastime, wakeboarding in Aqaba will be an exciting option.

Water Skiing

Plunge into a new adrenaline sport and discover the excitement of cruising over the water. Water skiing in Aqaba is an ideal destination for engaging in an exhilarating escape in easy safe waters that are rarely rough or choppy.


Play, hop, run, jump, swim, glide and slide on our inflatable Wibit Water Park!

The loop configuration of Wibit’s open water combinations allows for numerous routes of fun and challenges you with hurdles to get through.

Don’t rush through it. Enjoy it and take your time. Take a breather in between to get a better picture for your Facebook page!

The inflated site can be found just off B12  beach in Ayla

Wind Surfing

Unlike surfing, wind surfing allows you to fight the wind and the waves while you are surfing on a board with sails which use the wind to propel you forward while surfing uses the force of waves. Face the wind and waves and go for a spin of a lifetime!